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Dreams of the Damned, Vol. 1

Length: 65 pages47 minutes


Listen, as the night is quiet and the shadows creep close, to forgotten tales, once untold. See, as a shade sits and speaks of dark realms unseen by most. And, give peace to those lost souls who long for Life to bear witness to their deeds.

Herein awaits a tale of those who awaken in the darkest of nights; the incident of a friendly creature's unnatural laughter and the omen it portends; and a parable of a Lady whose sword now rings discordantly. More visions lie within this tome, painted by the whispering voice of a wretched soul.

And, once the tales are done, in verse and in prose, a dark road lies ahead: A journey, the end of which is unforeseen. So, come, travel the dark roads, to feel the camaraderie of lost souls, and to dream the dreams of the damned ...

This series of short books will be published every few months. Each issue will contain stories and poetry in the vein of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy. Also, artwork from from the days of yore in the printing industry will grace its pages, and other miscellaneous goodies await the intrepid reader.

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