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John F. Kennedy Jr.’s last flight told in story form, as narrative/creative nonfiction, of the days leading up to that fateful night and the flight. We also follow the story through the eyes and actions of an NTSB go-team as they investigate how and why this plane crashed.

Plus we see the effect JFK Jr.’s personal life had on events. This book allows us to easily understand what happened that night and why things went so terribly wrong.

About the Author:

Richard Roth is a pilot, instructor, airshow performer, and warbird rebuilder. British born, but now a resident in the United States, he served 14 years with the Royal Air Force.

He has written for Hollywood and the Swedish film/television industry, and currently flies sailplanes, gliders, and other interesting aircraft from Tucson in the American Southwest.

Published: Richard Roth on
ISBN: 9781310164651
List price: $7.99
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