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The Witch's Love Spell Novella 3: Warlock Romance Series, #3

Length: 86 pages1 hour


This novella of approximately 88 pages (22,000 words). It is the third book in a 3-novella paranormal romance trilogy.

Though their torrid affair is over, Skyler and Chad are still in love but the lies and secrets that tore them apart still swirl around them like curls of smoke wafting from a bubbling cauldron. In Skyler’s world witches and warlocks are mortal enemies not friends, let alone lovers. It doesn’t help that Skyler’s own brother and her best friend have defected to the “other side”-- she feels betrayed in the worst way. Now, her biggest secret and greatest fear may destroy her chance for a happy ever and make her an outcast in her own world. Too bad she doesn’t have a spell to fix the whole darn mess!

Laugh, cry and sigh through the further adventures of Skyler and Chad in this final novella of the Warlock Romance Trilogy.

The Witch's Love Spell is an adult romance meant for mature audiences, 18 and older only.

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