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This work is about an education FLOW that is destructive, disruptive, and constructive to the current educational landscape. It presents the educational FLOW in a narrative style that appeals to the intellect and emotion on BIG issues in education. This FLOW has created the conditions and synergy for revolutionary transformation of schools and school systems in the twenty-first century. A Framework for Improving School Systems in the Twenty-First Century is born out of thirty-eight years of the author’s professional learnings and experiences in working and improving the lives of boys and girls in two major global school systems: the British and the American. The book describes and inspires new ways to think about and operationalize school and school system improvement that is sustainable and innovative. Its concepts and principles are embedded in five decades of evidence-based research, which are distilled into concise andunderstandable formats. It challenges the status quo on current policies and methodologies in transforming schools and school systems and poses creative ideas for building a pathway for sustainable student achievement and school improvement. The reader will be taken on a journey—ride the FLOW, if you will—to discover new possibilities and unlock the so-called mystery to the notion of student achievement and school improvement. Ahoy, come aboard! May your journey be rewarding.
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