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Once upon a time, Larson, a skinny brown mole, lived above ground in a spacious green meadow with his parents and two beautiful sisters. One day, five years ago, they discovered they were in danger when the long-legged ones arrive, and so the moles moved to a new home underground. Although Larson is happy in his new home, he longs to see the blue sky again.

He tries many inventive ways to get to the surface, but nothing seems to work. His sisters think he’s being silly, but while digging for grubs for the family dinner, Larson catches a glimpse of a small ray of light. Determined, Larson uses his wits and experiments with many methods of trying to get above ground to see the blue sky and feel the sun on his face.

Larson, a story for children, shows what can happen when you believe in yourself; your dreams can come true.

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