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I guess the best way I can think of to describe this thing is it is an attempt to settle the disputes that never seem to end between the enjoyment I personally get from trying to come up with stuff and the fact that I find all of it attractive - and I do mean all of it - so I have a hard time picking one direction and staying with it. The reason much is presented in poetic-looking stanzas is because when I began to learn about poetry I got hooked pretty bad and I find it immeasurable fun to take stories and play with breaking them into lines and stanzas - for the most part they are anything but poetic, which I guess is part of the fun.

The idea is to get a forward flow going while at the same time mixing things up - tales come and go and taper off and return, sprinkle in some poetic pieces, maybe a world begins to take shape or worlds within worlds within worlds which give birth to additional potential worlds, etc. 

Ideally the reader should be able to enter in at any door and there could be anything behind that door. This is why while the entirety is not what I'd call erotica, the reader may encounter sections that reading society might well deem as material for adults. I'm not about to make that call but rather leave it to the reader's discretion.

Or maybe another way to say it: experimental prose-fiction-poetics that are numbered and range from small novella-sized to... oh I don't know, bigger novella-sized, if not someday genuine novel-sized - with lots of layers and swirls and entry points.


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