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Putting Secrets for the Weekend Golfer

Length: 181 pages1 hour


First, let's clear up two things. Putting is, without question, one of the hardest parts of the game. It is also the most important. If you take a golf pro hitting right on par for 18, on average he'll take two putts per hole, which adds up to 36 putts per round. Given a par of 72, that's exactly fifty percent of the strokes taken right on the greens. Putting is preeminent to having a good round.

So what does the Weekend Golfer, those of us who usually shoot more than 90 for a round, need? Answer: a book written by and for one of your own. This is what we have here, a tip-packed book that offers a solid plan for attacking your putting game. In this book Steve Page provides incredibly simple but effective techniques that are explained throughout by vivid illustrations. Read a few pages and you will improve your putting score immediately. Read the entire book and you will be quickly on your way to becoming a superb putter, equal only to the touring golf pro. Putting Secrets for the Weekend Golfer is tailor-made for you.

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