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The Bus People

Length: 118 pages1 hour


Bertram drives his bus every morning and afternoon for a very special crew. Some don't talk, some can't walk; everyone is different in some way or another. But in spite of the barriers that set these passengers apart, each one has his own or her own story to tell.

For Rebecca, even though she won't be able to wear her pink bridesmaid's dress, the most exciting event of the year is her beloved sister's wedding. Micky, trapped in a crumpled body and unable to speak, tells of his desire to be independent and his frustration with the suffocating love of his mother. Jonathan wants more than anything in the world to be useful—and gets his chance one day in church. Fleur, quiet and pretty, has an astonishing reserve of inner strength. Her story reveals how she came to be loved by a family who accepts her as she is.

The Bus People by Rachel Anderson is an unusual collection of stories about mentally handicapped children, told with great sensitivity and humor by an author who is herself the mother of a mentally handicapped child.

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