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The Mystery Factor

Length: 277 pages4 hours


Seb has it all, including a mid-life crisis. Although his art gallery business is booming with a clientele to die for, Seb’s life is deteriorating. With his wonderful wife set to leave him, Seb’s business partner tries hard to help him avoid self-destruction, sending him for a break to the mysterious Greek island of Scythia.
Despite quickly establishing close relationships with Scythia’s host of accommodating locals, Seb becomes embroiled in a wild tussle with the Mafia following his apparent involvement with the wealthy widow of a former Mafia boss. Mystery unfolds when the two elusive ‘Men in Grey’, donning 1930’s homburg hats and worsted suits come to Seb’s aid, appearing from nowhere and disappearing just as fast. Who are they and what is their motive?
When Seb’s wife, still in London, receives a phone call from him, the change in her husband is impossible to ignore, as the effervescent enthusiasm that Seb had so long ago lost, now appears to have returned. Can the mystifying healing powers of the Greek island’s inhabitants and the infamous throubi plant have reformed Seb to normality? Is she getting back the man that she had once loved?
Paradise Scythia may be, but what secrets does the island hide? All is not as it seems, and maybe paradise comes at a price.

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