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Kiss On The Bridge Three

206 pages3 hours


Kiss on the bridge three is set in 1976 near Green Island off the coast of Queensland. While enjoying the peaceful night and the calm sea onboard his small ship, ‘the Quasar’ the unthinkable happens. Meredith, Jordan Ashcombe’s new wife has gone missing. He believes she accidently fell overboard. Seeing the untimely storm approaching Jordan calls the Australian navy in for help. Moments before the storm hits Jordan and the navy abandon the search. Jordan is devastated over the loss. Wade, Anneli and Detective Poulton agree on one thing, Jordan must have murdered Meredith. If he didn’t then who did and why? After being given a chance to search Jordan’s ship the Quasar, Wade discovers a clue. They search the sea hoping to find more evidence. Landing on Green Island the whole mystery is revealed. Will love break through the turmoil and finally win?

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