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Dear Mark: Letters from an Unfaithful Wife (Cheating Wife Cuckold Erotica)

Length: 25 pages22 minutes


Angela, a fiery tempered young wife, has always been in love with her husband. Happily married for years, there seems little that would break the bonds of their marriage. However, news of her husband’s childhood sweetheart visiting him brings her great turmoil. His sweetheart, Martha, was the woman her husband almost married. However, Angela soon finds her a greater threat in Martha’s handsome husband, Javier.

Angela and Javier attempt to fight their mutual attraction to no avail. Growing jealous of her husband and Martha’s relationship, Angela finds herself with an overwhelming desire for Javier. A day alone with him is all it takes for her to be caught between lust and loyalty. Angela enters into an extramarital affair with Javier but must suffer the consequences for her betrayal. This is the story of an unfaithful wife.

EXPLICIT: This 5800 word story contains graphic language and depictions of rough, illicit sex between an innocent wife and a sexy alpha male. This extramarital affair might be too hot for some to handle!

With a smile, I bent down and placed two hands on the hem of my dress. I slowly lifted my dress until it was at my waist. A strange coolness prickled my thighs like a jet of cool air. Eyeing my panties with erotic intent, Javier told me to lift it higher. Without any hesitation, I brought it even higher.

A part of me wondered what I was even doing. I was engaging in a bizarre sex game with the spouse of my husband’s best friend. Someone could walk in any minute and see us. Javier bent down to get a better look at my panties. He placed a cold hand on my thigh and began rubbing it. With each stroke, he brought it closer and closer to my crotch as I kept holding my skirt up.

Placing another hand on my hip, Javier’s fingers skirted the edge of my panties. He soon brought a finger past the gusset of my panties. It felt so strange sandwiched between my pubic hair and the cloth of my undergarments. He slid a finger into the damp interior of my sex.  With great difficulty, I kept my skirt up as his fingered my pussy. He placed another finger inside of me. I brought my thighs closer together as if to trap his hand inside of me.

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