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The Low Budget Screenplay, How to Write a Produce-able Script

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the low-budget screenplay, how to write a produce-able script gives a writer/filmmaker the tools s/he needs to not only write a great story, but also how to get the script to the screen.
the low-budget screenplay is written by film and television writer joe aaron. it is not a book of "rules," but rather "tools" that aaron has unearthed over his many years as a writer.
the low-budget screenplay is not a "paint-by-numbers" approach to storytelling, but rather a guide to character, plot and story elements. it offers readers a writing strategy, showing how to take an idea from a premise to the final draft. and it offers ambitious filmmakers advice on getting their stories funded and produced.
the low-budget screenplay is a fun, light, conversational and witty read. it takes complex issues and breaks them down so that even a beginner can get it. aaron gives readers useful, actionable information that will get them started, or rebooted on their story.
learn the most useful archetypes; how to create them and how to make your hero "arc."
learn to create an empathetic protagonist.
learn to create an ally matrix.
learn to deconstruct your favorite films so you can master your genre.
learn to design your plot using the 4-act structure.
learn cause/effect scene mapping, crossing the emotional line, context as character, and closing the exits.
learn why you must understand the stages of grief, the counter-argument, stacking, and how to write "off-script," and the power of "value words."
also, learn about "the biz." why you are invisible and how to create a track record. learn about four-walling and how to recoup your money. and learn the truth about crowd-funding.
no matter how many books on screenwriting, storytelling or myth-making you have read, you are certain to find unique, useful concepts in the low-budget screenplay that will take your writing to a higher level.

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