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Thomas's Choice: Penny's Choice, #3

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Thomas, the world's goofiest and least sexy vampire, has had to deal with many tough situations in his life, but nothing prepared him for marriage, especially a marriage that goes terribly wrong within the first couple minutes.
After the magical creatures come out of hiding after the destruction of the brotherhood, Thomas was elected as their face and has been dealing with inter-species relations. It is no surprise when big names and faces like the president of the United States attend his wedding. All seems to be going well until Penny gets sick at the reception, loses consciousness, and infects all the humans in attendance with a terrible curse set in motion millenia ago by the Fae to wipe out the human race.
Thomas now has deal with an impending world war and the mortality of his beloved wife Penny. Join Thomas as he travels to the land of Avalon, making new friends and enemies on his quest to save the love of his life.

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