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Baking Soda Solutions: Economical, Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your House, Your Yard and You

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Wouldn't you love to have one product that can do a gazillion different things around your house? Something that can supplement, if not outright replace, all those bottles, boxes, tubes and jars taking up space in your kitchen and bath? Something that you can use to eliminate dirt and pests, yet is safe for the environment?

Something cheap?

Guess what? You already do! Chances are there's a box of it sitting in your pantry right now, underused and underappreciated.

It's time to change all that with Baking Soda Solutions.

Organized into 12 information-packed chapters, this compendium of tips, hints, and practical uses is all you'll ever need to use baking soda to its full potential. Here's some of what you'll find inside:

* Over 200 ways to use baking soda indoors, outdoors, in sickness and in health.

* Cooking tips that'll bring them back for more.

* Pet problems solved with no ill effects.

* "Manly" ways to use baking soda on the car, in the shop, and in the locker room.

* How to make a "bubbling ball bouncer" for the kids, and other playful ideas.

* Cut your craving for sweets with this one simple trick!

You'll be hard-pressed to find a product that's so all-around-useful as baking soda. Let Baking Soda Solutions show you how to put that "power powder" to work today!

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