Preserving the Arton Federation
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Many generations of beings ago in a far, far distant galaxy existed an unusual and complex system of planets know as the Arton Federation.

Arton meaning “Paradise of Light” in that long-forgotten language of the antiquated, lost civilization of mystics who had originally settled these quadrants. Eighteen inhabited planets, (each with its own nyxons), comprised four separate satar systems stationed around one larger central ruling power orb called Tonesia. Dominate upon Tonesia was the master city, Estonia.

In its time, the city Estonia was really little more than a massive two-hundred-castle complex. Mansions built of transparent pink stone circled a majestic, single-spire cathedral of white transparent quartz. Within those delicate mansions lived the main branches of the ruling family of Tonia. They were the race chosen to wear the Lliving Power Colors given to assist the planetary races. These were distant descendants of the ancient mystics, the keepers of the governing power and authority. Honored and revered were the guardians of the cathedral which housed the source of the great power that maintained the balance for the entire galaxy. That Light Power Source had existed and controlled through eons, without end, ever existing.
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