Bullet-Proof Love
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“Hey, somebody stop him!” yelled a civilian involved in the accident. Caine broke into a sprint and like the classic video game Frogger he darted across traffic on Academy Boulevard. As he maneuvered through parked cars in a shopping center, other civilians he passed appeared bewildered and alarmed but Caine was more scared and confused than them all. After zig-zagging across another street, he sprinted through an undeveloped space, half the size of a foot-ball field. In some places, the weeds and wild grains climbed to his waist. He heard approaching police sirens and crouched down, becoming swallowed within them. It was slightly cool in the near-summer weather and with his body clammy and wound up from the adrenalin flowing in his blood-stream, the slightest breeze nipped at his skin.
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ISBN: 9781499044218
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