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The Arrival of the Promise Land
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The Arrival of the Promise Land is exactly that, it’s the development of the most amazing Rural/Urban Community & Economic development initiative ever created. We are located in California serving on a nationwide, worldwide base. Our unique concept and structural layout is very similar to what is known as ‘The Kingdom of Heaven” these extraordinary Heavenly styled communities works as the ultimate cure for poverty, homelessness, crimes of injustice, depression or stress related issues. Our programs and business services are designed to create tremendous economic growth potential and evolutionary awareness in every state or Country that we serve. Generating huge profit sales from each service mentioned in this book. Making this $ 1.1 Trillion dollar humanitarian business project an Investors Dream! {Investors page section is locate on page 115
This book is dedicated to anyone who wishes to live in a real “Promise Land” community.
Are you tired and fearful about living in an over ruled government society that seems like there out of control then in control? Do you fear for the future and safety of your loved ones from being ruled by a government that seems to want to harm you and your loved ones instead of wanting to serve you and your loves ones in a fair and proper manner? Does it seem that your life and environment is becoming more and more difficult, chaotic and completely unsafe to raise a family? To what seems like the people of this world is ruined on some ancient to modern day Babylon era? Well have no fear; The Arrival of the Promise Land is here! And we are working hard so that these life changing services can become a reality.
Our soon to be released Film will fully explain how this concept is not only possible.
But will be shown just how quick and easy communities of “Heaven” will soon be placed in a neighborhood near “You”
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