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From the Publisher

Your destiny is in your hands! The legal and physical shackles of slavery have been removed. However, psychological shackles continue to hold many in bondage. It’s time to completely remove the shackles of slavery.

Becoming encourages you to challenge deeply held subconscious beliefs that affect every aspect of your life and hinders you from your greater good. Becoming gives you the opportunity to define your destiny for yourself.

You can abolish mental slavery by abolishing lingering beliefs that remain from physical slavery! Learn how to challenge and overthrow negative subconscious beliefs. These beliefs, if left unchallenged, will hinder you from claiming your success and your greater blessings.

Becoming begins a journey of self-development and true self-love. It teaches the reader to look at self-sabotaging behaviors and discover for herself who she really is. It encourages her to become the greatest person she can and to truly love herself.

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