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Revealing the Centerpiece of Revelation: Christ

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Revelation! Just the name of the book causes fear and trepidation in the heart of some. Many are afraid to read the book because of the many horrific events that occur in the future. Others just avoid the book due to the many confusing symbols. This eBook series, Revealing Revelation, resolves both issues. It explains the symbolic language in simple, easy to understand terms so that you can enjoy reading the book. And all those scary events... Well, this eBook settles that issue as well. It redirects the reader to the centerpiece of Revelation, the person of Christ. In fact, recognizing that Revelation is all about Christ is the first key to comprehending this marvelous but mysterious book. So this eBook starts where Revelation starts... by revealing the person, power and preeminence of Christ as the One who holds the future in the palm of His hands. Read this eBook and be blessed with new insight and comprehension of this awe-inspiring book.

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