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Zarulium Chronicles II: A Day of Discovery

354 pages5 hours


Following Dr. Ferengson, Lady Ruth and her ensemble, Alejandro, and the assassin, code-named Mantis, through the cracked opening within the Nazca mining site, Dr. Y, Natalia and Joe, experience several surprises.

A caper ensues within the mountain, with as many twists as the strange place has questions one would ask regarding its very existence. Why would anyone build such a structure, with wide corridors and high ceilings? What is going on in here? Who else is down here? Will they get out alive?
As the mystery unfolds, first encounters, new friendships, and eventually, a rather unexpected alliance occur. Is it the air in the place that causes spontaneous romance, itchy trigger-fingers and unanticipated death?

A highly irregular journey concludes the adventure, leading to a ground-breaking session of diplomacy.

Days later, when Dr. Y finally invites the team to witness his prototype time machine in action, one amongst them has a hidden agenda.

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