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The Fairytale Ending Book Two: Reality Crashing Down

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Cruel years have passed since Diana’s dreams of a high-school fairytale ending were traded in for the reality of a teenage pregnancy and a boyfriend who nearly died in a football game. But now that reality is growing starkly worse. Mike’s hours are getting cut at work again. Diana will have to find a job for the first time in her life, leaving her new baby, Rebecca, while she tries to eke out an existence.

And just when she thinks she can find solace in the last remnants of her intimate relationship with Mike, their trouble in the bedroom multiplies, as every time Diana touches Mike’s leg—the one that was injured, ending his football career—he dwindles to a shell of his former self.

Her once-secret-admirer, Kurt, is still missing after leaving angry with her. Her old high-school rival holds Diana’s last chance at a career in her hands. And, worst of all, even Diana’s best friend is hiding a cruel motive for staying so close, one that will come to fruition by the end of this chapter in "The Fairytale Ending" trilogy.

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