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Potty Training Is Fun!

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Potty Training Is Fun! welcomes you into the world of a little girl who isn’t quite sure if she’s ready to become a big girl yet—and is skeptical to give potty training a try. But after her dolly uses the potty...and is still ok...she decides it would be fun to be the newest member of the “mighty underwear family”. Through the mishaps and the triumphs along the way, the little girl is so happy she decided to be potty trained. The celebration party at the end…with colorful balloons, a purple cake, and a new dolly…makes her feel so good about herself! And now she’d like you to join her in all the fun. It’s time to send those diapers packing and move on to some cool undies!

It’s good to remember that not all kids are ready to be potty trained at the same age. What makes this book unique is that it appeals to both the younger and older child alike. Younger children will aspire to the character in the book and older ones will be relieved she is not a “baby” (which could make them feel bad about being older). No child will be made to feel that they are matter what their age. And most importantly, they’ll see potty training as being a blast!

Illustrations were done by the award winning artist, Debra Strout.

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