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Goobersville Breakdown

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You think you’ve got troubles? Meet Neil Nudelman who’s down and out in Upstate New York. Disaster is his middle name. He’s feeding his family from dumpsters. He’s arrested, beaten, harassed by his neighbors and betrayed by the last of his friends.

Watching helplessly as life comes crashing down about his ears, Nudelman struggles for sanity and some shred of human dignity.

Sounds horrible? But it’s not! In fact, Lieberman has pulled off one of the funniest and literate books, capturing the pain of America and letting you laugh at it. You’ll laugh until it hurts.

Publishers Weekly - "Lieberman's novel is permeated by a raw flip brand of humor that hits its mark."

Gannett News Service - "Finely honed sense of life's incongruities, biting satire and extraordinary humor."

Los Angeles Times - "Robert Lieberman's Goobersville Breakdown...plainly is a laughing of those rare success stories."

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