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Very Dirty Stories #33

83 pages1 hour


How hard do you fight for what you want? Will you go all the way to pleasure?

***** "Alyssa & Tom... Crazy! A sexy read for perverts..."
***** "A woman's got a do what a woman's got to do... Earn it, Annie!"
***** "Max has big plans - but do they ever work out?"
***** "So hot! His firm hand with Blue... she pleases them both!"

Men and women have different means to get what they want and how they want it! Sexual pleasures come in many flavours.

There was a time when Tom's simple affairs were just lust & pleasure. But those early nights with Alyssa & Mary take him on a journey through Annie's temptations & Blue's perverse desires. Maybe he should take Max's lead and define his selection criteria!

There's everything to gain by putting yourself to the test. Live vicariously through their sexy stories!

Tom & Alyssa were never innocent. His fond memories fill the hours while he rests with her by his side. "The Open Door 2 (An Alyssa Story)"

Annie's intent to overcome Tom's resistance. She'll do what he wants to move in with him... with two dildos! "Temptations 1 (An Annie Story)"

Max has always been goal oriented. So he starts his pursuit of new women with an exacting list of expectations and plans. It's an extreme dream, but he wants her to be tailored to his needs. "Selection 1"

Blue has sexual responsibilities to live up to! With Tom's firm commands in mind, she works harder and harder for pleasure with dildos. "Deep Within (An Anime Girl Story)"

Approximately 12,300 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from our Spring 2015 catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences. Cherish Desire books contain erotica adventures featuring intense sexual situations including alternative lifestyles, perverse pleasures, and supernatural lust.

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