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The Arabian Billionaire, Book Two: Arabian Kiss

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In the steamy Middle East, engineering intern Josie and handsome oil-tycoon Sheikh Jamal Zahid have just had their first intimate encounter—a passionate embrace, which neither allowed to follow through. She finds him brash, sexist, and yet still the most coolly collected and confident man she’s ever come across. Josie’s the only person willing to challenge him, the only person who sees him for his rude conduct, and the only person who can get under his skin—even though his stoic face never betrays him. Because of all of this, he insists that she needs to be tamed but cannot control his wandering eyes and hidden lusts around her.

Meanwhile, the sheikh’s family and Josie’s friends play matchmakers and troublemakers, vicariously living through the two of them and watching their sarcastic fights unfold. Between encounters with ex-lover supermodel, awkward business meetings with the sheikh’s family as he corrects her etiquette, and fiery trips into the field where Josie feels simultaneously most at home and most vulnerable to the sheikh, this romance leading up to an Arabian kiss will challenge these two strong-willed characters in ways they could have never imagined.

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