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Butterfly Candles, Book Three: Burnt Wings

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The judgment that was sure to find Barbara and her lifelong best friend, Amanda, has finally arrived in the form of police officers outside of their apartment door. Though their prostitution business is just picking up steam and generating them the money they need to escape their hardware store jobs, the girls are in for a serious reckoning as their lies face exposure and their friendship teeters toward complete and total fallout.

Cocaine abuse and prostitution have become brand new addictions for Barbara, and her success with her new trade is certainly causing a wedge to form between Amanda and her. But the jealousy and pent-up rage throughout their long history of being friends are nothing compared to the future dangers awaiting them.

Witness the dramatic conclusion of the story of two friends who began as casual bondage enthusiasts and will end as something else entirely, something darker, as these transformed girls spread their wings one last time against the fires of temptation and repercussion.

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