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A Vampire's Werewolf Clan and Vampire Samurai

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"A Vampires Werewolf Clan"

My grandfather was a famous Italian scientist and when he and his only daughter were turn into vampires he tried to find a cure without success. His daughter was now used to being a vampire but she really wanted to have a baby. She had a boyfriend but vampires couldn't have babies.

After a century of trying he finally was able to create the serum that could help her get pregnant and I was born. When I was two months old the three of us went to the Colorado Mountains for a nice vacation.

My grandfather and my mother were killed there by renegade vampires.After the killers left me to be eaten by wild animals a werewolf couple found me and raised me like a daughter the werewolf way!

"Vampire Samurai: My Sword and Fangs"

My father’s name is ‘Naoko Kasai’. He is a handsome, brave, wealthy, Samurai; from the island of Tochigi, Japan.

When he married my mother they wanted to have children right away.

My father wanted the baby to be a boy to teach him how to be a Samurai, and fight side by side. Destine intervened and a girl was born. My mother named me ‘Aiko’.

A few days before I turned eleven - years old; my father asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Without hesitation I told him that I wanted a sword.

I earned my ‘Samurai’ Status when I was eighteen - years old. Unfortunately, something terrible happened to me and my cousin Kiku when we went on vacation to Romania.

Mongols and Turks invaded Japan and I am going to fight them to the death.

A mysterious good-looking vampire named 'Xander Van Buren' is going to try to win my love; if 'Akemi Naito' my fiancé allows it.

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