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The Perfection of Yeshua!: LORD Yeshua is also from Aaron! 30 + Points of Evidence

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Today, in the 21st Century, in the year 2014, the full mystery identity of our Lord Yeshua (Jesus) is still not being taught, either in the Messianic Body or in the Church world. Why is this, and what is this great hidden mystery identity of Yeshua? Have you ever wondered about the mystery relationship between Miriam (Mary), Yeshua’s mother, and her close relative (karov, in Hebrew), Elisheva (Elizabeth) of Aaron, as described in Luke 1:5, 36-56? How were these two women related? Their true family relationship can only be found in the Old Covenant Scripture prophesies. God created our Lord Yeshua with absolute Perfection from Heaven from His Father, Almighty God. And also Yeshua is the perfect fulfillment of two family lines which God had chosen (Jeremiah 33:24); both coming together in a virgin, Yeshua’s mother Miriam. This was prophesied in a few places in the Old Covenant Scriptures. We know that the Messiah was to come from the family of king David, of the tribe of Judah. But what was also prophesied in the Old Covenant Scriptures was that the Messiah would also be coming from the family of Aaron, of the tribe of Levi. Jeremiah 33:17, 18. Isaiah 7:14 However, God had also announced to His Zadok high priest Joshua (Yeshua, in Hebrew) something even more specific about the coming Messiah, through His prophet Zechariah. That the Messiah (the Branch) would be coming from this Zadok high priest family of Joshua (Yeshua), of high priest Aaron of the Aaronic priesthood. This Messianic prophesy is recorded in Zechariah 3:1, 8. And God also repeated it in Zechariah 6:11-13. Lord Yeshua is the perfect fulfillment of two families, the high priest family of Yeshua of Zadok, of high priest Aaron, of the Aaronic priesthood, and also the family of king David; all from the Seed of Genesis 3:15, the Seed of Eve. God, the Holy Spirit overshadowed this Seed at the time of the Conception of Yeshua in Miriam’s womb.

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