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A New and Perfect Planet

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a world without sin? What kind of people would that kind of world need? Would they all be people that had a faith so strong that they didn't ever sin, or would that be impossible? Perhaps they would be people that could not sin because they didn't have the ability to do so. What if there is a planet out there where people do not have "free will" and therefore cannot make sinful choices? Would it be a relief to know that you can't sin, or would giving up the ability to make choices be too much of a sacrifice in order to avoid sinning? This story is about just such a planet, where the inhabitants cannot sin and have very limited "free will". They don't mind, however, as they don't realize that they ever had "free will". At least most of them don't realize it - but a few of them do.

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