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Into the hands of the Fallen: Book One in the The Gathering series.

Length: 245 pages4 hours


This winter was going to be long and game was scarce. Their hunt had been the perfect time for a raid. Kargee and the other men could see the smoke coming from the direction of their homes. Even from this distance they knew. They rode hard knowing it was already too late. Each man found only death awaiting them. Panic set in when they realized their sons were not among the dead. They had been taken.
Kargee is a man who finds himself thrust into a leadership roll that he is not prepared for. In their pursuit for their sons, Kargee and his men soon find that they are not alone in their grief. Village after village have similar stories. They all had become complacent over the years. This group of men would steadily grow, and with them so would their challenge to be reunited with their boys. Kargee knew this was not a slave raid. On the trail they had seen the eyes of the creatures and heard the laughter.
Into the hands of the fallen is a 74,847 word, fast-paced, heart-wrenching travel back into the times of honor and glory. A day when a man was tested and his life depended on if he passed or failed that test. The story pushes you along the trail of centuries old myths. Each obstacle they face, friend they make, or brother they see fall, will drive you to the next page. Time is not on the side of the righteous. But there is one that can turn the tides, a Dhampir. A boy conceived from lust that is half human and half Vampire. One side knows nothing about him while the other has spent over a century searching for him.
Into the hands of the fallen is my first full length novel. The characters in this book are drawn from a short story I had written in my early twenties. I always felt it could be turned into a long running series. I have already begun working on the second novel in the series, concerning Kargee and his realization that his group is but only a small fraction of the forces that are bound together on this journey of triumph and destruction. Sometimes the good guys don’t win. Sometimes evil is too strong.
But either way --- the price will be high.

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