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Harlan Banks and the Pirates of dog Island

Length: 258 pages3 hours


Harlan Banks, 14 almost 15, sees an ocean for the first time and likes it. Harlan, a child of the Great Depression, is 14 almost 15 with a knack for getting himself into dangerous situations. In a generation of short people, Harlan is tall. At five foot ten inches, he is destined to be taller than his father someday if he survives being a curious teenager.
Harlan calls himself slender, leaning toward skinny. His hair is the color of old corn stalks just beginning to turn golden brown in the hot southern sun. His hair is shaggy most of the time, worn long and is always looking as if it’s trying to escape. He has eyes the color of a Robin’s egg, which is weird because his brother and Dad and Mother have brown eyes.
It’s the summer of 1939 and Harlan is visiting a cousin at East Point, Florida during Hurricane season. A barrier island off Apalachicola Bay has become the home of a rowdy gang of motorcycle riders which are running rough shod over citizens of the mainland.
Add to that his tendency of becoming excited at the mention of sunken ships with holds of gold and silver, Harlan becomes entangled in another adventure.

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