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The Whatzits and the Whozits

Length: 36 pages10 minutes


Ms.Angel's delightful The Whatzits and the Whozits, follows the story of a little Fuzzle named Whatzit in the magical land of Far and Away. Whatzit has the special ability to sing to the Grand Mother Wind, but when this ability is lost, he must go on an adventure to find it, meeting interesting characters along the way and learning poignant life lessons. The author's special attention to detail is seen throughout the work, from the colorful illustrations to the engaging storyline. This book fosters an appreciation for language and the writing craft in children, with new and challenging vocabulary works highlighted in purple, "knowing" words in blue to explain tools used in the authorial process, and rhyming words in red to ignite the poetic mind.

- Susan Byrnes book critic, author

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