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DOLLS: Into the Deep

Length: 28 pages20 minutes


Smart. Beautiful. Obedient. These are the words describing the Premium Dolls, the state of the art androids meant for the betterment of all homes and societies. Most people use their Dolls as the package implies: maids, chefs, accountants, and even entertainment centers. But there is a manufacturer's secret to each and every Premium Doll on the market. Have you found it yet?

Into the Deep  (5,000 Words)

Agoraphobic Alisha never has the chance to date, but she does have the chance to buy her new Premium Doll Kiana, a true beauty with all the upgrades and fixin's. While Alisha definitely wants a Doll to be her new maid and accountant, she also has other plans for the Doll. But Alisha is a cautious woman and knows what boundaries she shouldn't cross... until she does..

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