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The Little Flower Vignettes: Story Behind The Story

Length: 59 pages36 minutes


“The Little Flower Vignettes – Story Behind the Story” book is the non-fictional back-story that inspired the creation of an upcoming (2015) Children of the World Storybook and Educa- tional Series.

This volume, however, is not a children’s book, but is offered in order to introduce the real life Little Flower to parents, teachers, clergy and adult audiences in general. This book is a tapestry woven from selected threads of events that began 75 years before my birth; and spanned the first 25 years of my life.

These childhood events inspired me so greatly that I decided to develop a legacy project based upon them. The legacy project has blossomed over the last twenty years into an exciting collection of education and entertainment properties that our team refers to as edutainment, with a mission of sharing powerful life skills and narratives through art and culture.

The star character in the children’s book (February 2015 release) and in the Little Flower Artist Story World, is a 10-year-old African American girl named Flori Alicia Bell, who prefers to be called Little Flower. This book of vignettes provides the non-fictional backstory for the fictionalized episodes that Little Flower lives out in the world of Little Flower Artist.

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