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Surviving The Slammer: Learning the Ropes

Length: 80 pages1 hour


Are you, a family member, or a friend on their way to jail or prison? Do you know what to expect? Do you know the rules? Do you know how to prepare yourself for what goes on behind prison walls?

This book is a manual for those entering jails and prisons. It is a guidebook to help people understand the processes of jail and prison and hopefully make doing time easier.

By understanding the basics you will know: How to prepare yourself before entering jail or prison; What to expect at court hearings; How the booking process works; Everything entering jail and prison entails; How to stay out of trouble; How to find the job suited to you; What to expect when it comes to gangs and racism; What to expect at parole board hearings; What roles family and friends play; What Programing and meritorious time are about and how they work.

Surviving The Slammer also gives you practical solutions on how to survive boredom and ways in which to better yourself. Incarceration doesn’t have to be a just about punishment. As an inmate, you can look for ways to better yourself, and find meaning and purpose, in an otherwise hostile environment. This book comes with reading suggestions as well as exercises you can do while in your cell.

The author was convicted of two counts of DUI causing death and sentenced to 6 to 20 years in prison. DeGiovanni served seven years of his sentence in the Nevada prison system before being released on Nevada’s DUI 305 house arrest program where he spent two years confined to his home. He has his B.A. from the University of Nevada.

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