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Football Game versus Life Game

Length: 33 pages27 minutes



Football Game versus Life Game is a storyline that blends both football and life beautifully into an imagery of a purposeful universal connection. On this journey you will discover simple rare gems for a significant transcendence unlimited. The candor truths interlaced with giveaway sage are relatable, to willingly transform anyone at a point, who has been through life’s storm.
Whiles, writing this book I realized I wasn’t only informing myself, I was transforming my own struggles into a breath of fresh air, as a living message to give others a reason to live their lives to the fullest.
You may be a newbie to the fever of football, but at some point you will meet how exciting a piece of your life is reflected and captured in the lines of the straight-to-the-heart-talk.
This is neither a creed telling nor witty woven words for selling; enjoy the book that is showing how to create beauty out of void or anything.
I had a dream in which I saw ‘Football Game versus Life Game’ being celebrated amongst families, friends, and football fans all over the world, without boundary to colour, shape, size or stature. Amazingly beautiful, humbling and welcoming into hearts with the spirit of a universal tenet called love.
Wilson the Poet

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