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Guaranteed Ways to Make $100 a Day Legally

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Do you want guaranteed and legitimate ways of earning a decent income each and every day you work? This book gives 17 ideas that explain each idea and the steps you need to take in order to accomplish the idea. Each of the ideas within this book requires physical labor and possibly the use of a truck. You will find if you have the right equipment and know how you can start to offer your services immediately to earn at least $100 a day. You just need the willingness to go forth and apply your talents and skills in areas of need. All of these ways are legitimate services that people and businesses will hire you to perform. You do not need formal training or education with most as you do for professional careers. These ideas can very easily turn into profitable businesses that you can offer for years.
Table of Contents:
Do You Need a Business Plan?
Legalities of Running Your Own Business
How to Become Bonded, Licensed, and Insured
Scheduling and Organization
Marketing Yourself
Working at the Client's Home or Business without a Truck
Idea #1 - Vehicle Detailer
Step-by-Step on How to Be a Vehicle Detailer
Idea #2 - House Cleaner
Step-by-Step on How to Be a House Cleaner
Idea #3 - Carpet Cleaner
Step-by-Step Instructions for Professional Carpet Cleaning
Idea #4 - House Sitter/Watcher
Steps to Be a House Sitter/Watcher
Idea #5 - Pet Sitter/Walker
Steps to Be a Pet Sitter/Walker
Idea #6 - Home Help Aid
Steps to Be a Home Help Aide
Idea #7 - Aquarium Maintenance
Step-by-Step Instructions for Aquarium Maintenance
Going to Client's Home or Business with a Truck
Idea #8 - Lawn Care Service
Step-by-Step Basic Lawn Care Service
Idea #9 - Professional Yard Sale
Step-by-Step in Running a Professional Yard Sale
Idea #10 - Trash Removal Service
Steps to Being a Professional Trash Removal Business
Idea #11 - Indoor Plant Care
Steps to Operating an Indoor Plant Care Business
Idea #12 - House Painter
Step-by-Step for Painting the Exterior of a Home
Step-by-Step for Painting the Interior of a Home
Idea #13 - Professional Handyman
Steps to Be a Professional Handyman
Idea #14 - Tree Cutting/Maintenance
Steps to Be a Tree Cutter/Tree Maintainer (Arborist)
Ideas that Require Special Skills
Idea #15 - Outdoor Photographer
Steps to Being an Outdoor Photographer
Idea #16 - Baker/Cook
Steps in Being a Baker/Cook
Idea #17 - Seamstress
Steps in Being a Seamstress
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