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Length: 378 pages6 hours


"A binge-able rock star series that will leave you breathless. Welcome to life after the cliché."
Book #3 of the Double Blind Study series.

Growing up with a rock star for a brother should've prepared Greta for this. For him.

Shane Brookings returned to California to nurse his broken heart. Falling in love again was never part of the plan.

Greta O'Neil, avid artist, surfer chick, and baby sister to a rock star, had a life that was anything but boring. But Shane's entry into her life leaves her shaken.

Even as they both compromise to make room in their hearts for the other, outside forces put pressure on their burgeoning relationship. Shane's dream is put into jeopardy, ex-lovers surface at the worst moments, and their own faults threaten to violently tear them apart.

PG-16 for language, adventure, light heat

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