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Transformative Transhumanism: A Short Introduction

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Transformative Transhumanism is devoted to intentional, guided change at the level of the individual, society and all of humanity, creating new opportunities for individuals to identify and move toward what and who they truly feel they should be. The individual, society and species is in constant transition and we work to help those who wish to take charge of that transition to become tomorrow more than they are today.

Although putatively labeled as a "religion," Transformative Transhumanism has nothing to do with the existence of a Creator or a divine soul but rather an exploration of reality as we as humans perceive it. We then use our new understandings of reality and the possibilities available to us, to bring about personal and societal changes. We use what we know to be possible to help bring new possibilities to the broader societies, routing around those portions of our society that impose restrictions and limit opportunity while remaining within the system.

A Short Introduction narrates the journey that brought Transformative Transhumanism into being and broadly describes the philosophy and goals of the movement. It is a short work meant to appeal to fellow travelers who are looking for "something more." It sets a distinctive tone and touches on many aspects of human culture and evolution that contributed to the formulation of Transformative Transhumanism.

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