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Lord of the Drach

Length: 260 pages6 hours


The Times They Are A-Changin’

“My people,” Mom said, rich voice vibrating with emotion, “as your chosen Council Leader, I propose a vast and sweeping change to the way we care for each other. That we embrace all covens, all voices. That we rule, not by the dictates of a few, but with the voices of many.”
She rose to her feet, arms wide as though to embrace everyone in the room. I felt the soft, kind touch of her power and fed it with my own, the light, sweet caress of each and every witch in the room joining mine until Mom glowed like a pale, blue star.
“From this day forward,” she said, “this Council is comprised of all coven leaders of all duly registered covens in this territory. And every coven, small or large, shall have an equal vote. So mote it be.”

Cautious optimism is the rule of the day as paranormals come together as never before. But, Syd’s worry about her missing friend, Femke, and the constant strain on her family over her absence makes it hard for her to appreciate what’s going on around her. When the drach are successful in their plan to capture an old enemy, Syd’s hope for a quick resolution to the recreation of Creator’s statue is shattered by the realization change is—and always will be—inevitable.

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