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Her Master Diver

Length: 285 pages8 hours


Blaze thought leaving school would get her life back on track. It seems to be working as she's invited on the dive of her dreams. Then life throws her into a storm, a break-in, hit and run, sabotage and murder all center around her.

Lazaro hates treasure hunters. The excitement Blaze has for every item found on a dive has him suspicious she is one. His physical attraction to her only feeds his distrust. When she’s added to the people on the team to dive for La Trinité, he’s furious. Before they set sail, he finds himself protecting her from a stalker she denies exists. Will her stalker follow them on the dive? Will he be able to protect her? Will he be able to protect his heart when he sees her true colors?

Can Blaze and her charismatic project manager unravel the problems surrounding the expedition, or will her Masters men brothers have to fly out to save the day?

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