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The Lands

Length: 231 pages4 hours


When Jessa and her family find themselves on a journey to a place never before seen or heard of, they quickly realize their desires will lead them in several different directions. Things that mattered once, no longer do; even the concept of time has changed for the Robinson family.

The enigma of The Lands has pulled the entire family— Jessa, Micah, Teagan, and their parents—from what they believed was right and wrong and now poses a question they all have to ask: Why were they brought here?

Jessa, an independent, young college student studying microbiology, discovers even a college degree cannot explain what she is facing. However, learning she is mated to a young man, Tristan, may hopefully prove to be helpful. The question still remains: Will Jessa choose her past life or the unexplored land?

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