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Totally Amazing Spider Tales

Length: 119 pages1 hour


EIGHT authors join together to create 'Totally Amazing Spider Tales.' The question is... Do you have what it takes to read it?

Authors: Fiona Woodhead, Lee Richards, Ian C. Douglas, Lynette Teachout, John Ferris, Misha Herwin, Simon W. Best, Tracey Deming. Illustrated by Fiona Woodhead of Fi & Becs Design and Marketing. Edited & Published by Rogena Mitchell-Jones.

Settle down, boys and girls, and prepare for twisted tales of fun delights!
We have here a selection of scary stories to keep you up all night!
EIGHT fantastic, spine-tingling short stories from the hairiest and scariest writers who have given you something to sink your teeth into!
Dare you read it?
Make sure the lights are on and that you are ready for a hairy-legged ride!
(No spiders were harmed in this work of fiction.)

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