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Andrew and the Wonderfish 5: The Wise King

Length: 56 pages43 minutes


Rudolph had never been more pressured in his entire life than now. Even as King, he faced severe problems in his family and community because of the ill-health of his people.His brother is down with cancer; his brother-in-law is down with a heart condition and his wife and daughter are also sick but he is determined to save them all. In a daring move Rudolph returns to River Cain to obtain solution to these and other predicaments. Would he succeed? What would it cost him?Risk and adventure to King Rudolph is like fish and water and he had found great accomplices in the persons of Andrew and Bruce but now he must take a singular decision that would not only affect him but his heritage. This time, neither Andrew nor Bruce could practically help and Rudolph must decide either to risk his crown or his life. What would he choose? Would his heritage be sustained?
Warning: If you are afraid of water please don’t read this book.

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