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A Soldiers Return

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Hunter stood alone in the army camp, staring out through the tent at the empty field. The winter passed slowly. He drank less and kept focus on the field. He couldn’t believe he was going back home. A great restlessness had taken over the lethargy of summer. Spring was here and he had to enjoy himself this season. Steve entered the tent. He had deep chestnut hair, deep brown eyes, they were almost black and beautiful, his cheeks were thin and chiseled, his deeply tanned skin and tall built looked amazingly hot. He smiled with dimpled cheek. He was ready to go.
“Hey buddy, are you ready to go back home.”
“I can’t believe I’m going to see her again buddy.” Hunter said.
“We’ve been here so long and don’t know what goes on back at home. Don’t be full of yourself, but I wish you all the best.” They headed for the plane.

She quickly unbuttoned his jeans. She has never seen a man naked this was her first time, she felt uneasy but she had to do it. It was her day. She pulled it to his knees...

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