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“Now Jack, we have one last present for you, come with us,” said King John, leading them out. They entered the forest, Jack was thinking,

“No backup, where is Michelle?

He was looking at anytime to be ambushed, he was ready to pull his gun, being out numbered, hundred to one; the trumpeter blew, the door opened, he saw the writing on the sign, it meant execution, then he stepped in to see the guillotine. Jack was scared out of his life, waiting for them to rush him.

The King spoke, “These two women were plotting against you my son. One of them a so-called spy, stoled my ring, which she still wears now.”

The King positioned Jack to come and pull the lever, “What a shame”, he thought, a specimen of near flawless beauty, her pretty face, was slightly crushed in. The guards placed her hand on the block. In one swing, it popped off. The King got the hand and twisted his ring off. Jack was in position, he pulled the lever, all the time, forgiving her of all her misgivings and secret dealings. Her head was off and fell into the basket, her blood drained out of her body. Ivan the executioner carried out her lifeless body, all was quiet…..

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