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Great Words of the Gospel

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This is a book about salvation. Not just any salvation. But that GREAT SALVATION . . . which was declared first by the Lord, and then was confirmed to us by those who heard him, while God added his own testimony through signs and wonders, various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit (He 2:3,4).

In the language of the New Testament, to be saved means two things: first, to be brought into a place of “safety”; and second, to be brought into a state of “soundness”. One who is saved has escaped from the stormy winds of the wrath of God, and has been given access to heaven's healing balm. Salvation brings us into the Father's pleasant and secure haven; and there we also find a grace that can make us whole. Refugees from sin become sons of Royalty!

In other words, this salvation gives the believer access to everything God has provided for humanity by the sacrificial death of his Son, Jesus Christ, at Calvary. It includes: pardon for every sin; adoption into the Father's family; victory over Satan's power; healing of body, mind, and spirit; a complete and free gift of righteousness; an abundant provision for every need; peace of mind; a guarantee of resurrection; and a destiny to reign as a prince when Christ comes.

How great this salvation is! It leaves no part of my life untouched. Because of the grace of God in Christ I can boast that
(1)I am saved from the PENALTY of sin
This is the past tense of salvation, and it speaks of the complete freedom from condemnation that is God's gift to all who place their wholehearted confidence in Christ as Saviour and Lord (see Ep 2:4-5; Ro 6:23).
(2)I am being saved from the POWER of sin
This is the present tense of salvation, and it speaks of an ever-increasing victory over sin that is the experience of all true believers; it also describes the Christian's steady growth in Christ-likeness.
(3)I am about to be saved from the PRESENCE of sin
This is the future tense of salvation, and it speaks of the great hope that lies before us in the second advent of Christ - for on that day the church will be raptured, and the saints of God will enter into the magnificent inheritance their Lord has bequeathed them.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow! All are embraced by this great salvation!

The purpose of this book is to mine the riches of salvation by digging into some of the key words scripture uses to describe its benefits. Hence the title, “Great Words of the Gospel.” So you will not find here a comprehensive search through salvation; rather, I am content to explore just a few of the brighter veins of gospel ore.

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