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Empress Beral III has reopened contact with her people’s original homeworld, Earth. Two thousand years have passed in the mutant realm, though only about twenty had passed on earth.

Bellasarian society is Matriarchal, women rule there. This gives little comfort to the humans. Bellasarian women are as notorious for their ferociousness and cunning as their beauty and passion. The females of the royal families were worst of all. It was a proven fact that the only males who could handle them (in every sense of the word) were exceptionally powerful mutant men. Bellasarian people in general, both human and mutant, were aggressive, hormonal and warlike.

Yet the leaders of Earth were confident that there must have been some changes in Bellasaria and its people by now. They were right. Social upheaval is brewing. Bellasarian men are not weak, tame or submissive. They are proud, touchy about their honor and every bit as dangerous as the women…actually more so. Benevolent rule, mutually enjoyable social customs and above all, respect, had allowed women to rule men for centuries on Bellasaria. However, every garden has its serpent and Bellasaria’s no exception. Centuries earlier, a fanatical queen started something that birthed a demon. Now two warring nations threaten the old order and the empress can’t ignore them any longer. She needs to kill this disease before the entire empire becomes infected. She has many cards to play, among them the Earthlings.


Once upon a time, there were a joyless people of Puritan virtue and correctness. They hated music, dancing, booze, skimpy clothing, nudity and guiltless sex… Well, this story isn’t about them. Expect to see all of the above and more, along with a heaping portion of kickass.

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