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Zendayah is a timeless epic story about love and compassion; and the fact that disobedience, dishonesty, and lies always have serious consequences. The story encourages its readers to tell the truth always, even when they are scared; because liars eventually choke on their own lies. In order to protect the truth and keep it from spilling, liars tell more lies to cover up lies already told. The lies grow bigger, and bigger, until they choke on them like Culpani choked on the worms in this story.
Discover how the power of love and compassion between the siblings, their grandmother, and a fairy authority figure outside of their family realm, brought this story to life as Zendayah and Culpani suffered the horrible repercussions of not telling the truth. When they finally did, they were rewarded with a life of riches and comfort by an unknown power, for as long as they obeyed the rules and kept their promises.
The children learned from their ordeal that truth, obedience, and respect, have far better rewards than lies and disobedience. They learned that to achieve some kind of peace and success in life, they must follow assigned rules and regulations, because those rules and regulations are put in place to guide and to protect them.
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