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JEHOVAH’S WINDFALL is set against the backdrop of early 1960s Vietnam, where Air Force documentary cameraman Joe Hoffa finds himself involved with beautiful Chinese heiress Nit Noi Ho. Joe is soon committed to helping save the Ho family treasures from the clutches of Diem’s corrupt South Vietnamese government.

From the opening action to the exciting conclusion, protagonist Joe Hoffa, aka “Ja-ho-fa,” (as his driver and compatriot, Dong, nicknames him), is soon immersed in a dark world of smuggling and deal making. This illuminating slice of life takes the reader through the back streets of wartime Saigon, peppered with peasant girl prostitution, black marketing, and unbelievable corruption, and into the towns and villages of that war-torn country.

Through daring and bold undertakings, including brushes with Diem’s secret police, Joe and Nit Noi overcome insurmountable obstacles and finally realize their dreams of wealth and happiness in America.

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